The Beginners Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver

Although precious metals like gold and silver are considered an old-fashioned approach to investing, in reality, these old storehouses of wealth do play an important role in a modern portfolio. An ounce of silver or gold has the same recognized value globally, which makes these metals easy to trade. This article outlines why you should invest in these two precious metals and should act as a guide to investing in gold and silver. Today, many people are asking themselves “should I invest in gold or silver?” After the two world wars and the great depression, many Europeans were exposed to the horror of losing all their wealth in a crisis. As a result, they have always been more open to storing part of their wealth in form of precious metals. Since the U.S. has never experienced a severe crisis, other than the 2008/2009 recession and mortgage crisis, demand for gold and silver in the region is lower compared to Asia and Europe. However, in the last decade, a long-term trend of investing in silver and gold has steadily been on the rise in the U.S. More and more Americans want to invest in gold and silver because they realize the […]

How to Find the Best Places to Buy Silver Eagles Online

One of the most popular types of precious metals that investors purchase is silver, and this is because it has an affordable asking price per ounce and a historically increasing trend in value. Furthermore, it has been viewed by experts as being a wonderful hedge against inflation that can protect the value of your portfolio during rough economic times. Some collectors purchase silver coins as well, and there are dozens of different types of coins you may add to your collection. While there are many ways to invest in or to collect silver, many prefer to buy Silver Eagles. Silver Eagles are the official silver bullion coin of the United States Mint. By learning more about Silver Eagles and exploring the best place to buy Silver Eagles, you will be well on your way to profiting from your new silver purchase. The History of Silver Eagles Before you consider where and how to purchase Silver Eagle coins, you may want to know more about it’s history. The first Silver Eagle coins were produced from Mint in November 1986, and production has continued almost non-stop since then. The number of coins produced per year, however, has varied. In addition, there have been […]

How to Buy Gold: Where to Shop and Find the Best Prices

Gold has long been one of the top precious metals for investors to add to their portfolios. It is often purchased when there is economic turmoil in the world because physical gold tends to retain its value and even increase in value during these periods. Often times, people will purchase gold by shopping online when they want to protect their portfolio from the damaging effects of inflation. Before you buy gold online, carefully focus on these important tips to make the best buying decision possible. Deciding How Much Gold to Buy As a first step in the shopping process, you can easily research gold prices online. When considering where to make your purchase, take note that the online price offered by different dealers can vary substantially. For example, some will offer a price for gold close to the spot price. This means that they are not charging a high premium on top of the listed price that gold is currently trading at. When looking for potential sellers, try to find one that offers a low premium and has a good reputation. You then can use the current spot price of gold along with your budget to determine how much gold you want […]

Where to Find the Best Gold Bullion Bars and Coins for Sale

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Many people are considering gold as a way to protect themselves against future financial unknowns. During the Global Recession of 2008, major financial institutions around the world were in distress. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the price of gold rapidly increased between 2008 and 2012 as governments, corporations, and investors around the world sought to protect purchasing power. Today, fixed income yields are at or near historic lows. As traditional paper investments like stocks soar, some investors ask, “Does the stock market reflect future earnings or are we entering another market bubble?” Most importantly, these same investors ask, “Will my family and I eventually pay for today’s financial markets excesses?” Over the past 100 years, owning gold has helped investors, countries, and businesses to protect purchasing power. That’s why so many investors want to know about gold bullion bars for sale today. Gold Bullion for Sale Unless you’re an experienced trader, you may be more comfortable with gold bullion bars in your portfolio. Physical gold bullion is a tangible investment. You can hold it in your hand. The costs and risks associated with ownership of virtual gold alternatives, such as exchange-traded funds (ETFs), makes gold bullion […]

How to Find Valuable Gold Krugerrand Coins for Sale at the Lowest Prices

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The South African Krugerrand is one of the most popular types of gold coins available today that investors and collectors look for. Unlike the Canadian maple gold coin, Krugerrand gold is an alloy. However, it is made out of 91.67 percent gold, making it one of the more pure alloy gold coins you can find. The history of the Krugerrand began in 1967 when the first Krugerrand was minted and produced by the South African Mint. They feature the head of four-term president of the old South African Republic, Paul Kruger. The reverse depicts a springbok, one of the national symbols of South Africa. With a closer look at the gold Krugerrand price today, you will be more prepared to buy gold Krugerrands for your investment or collection purposes. What You Need to Know Before You Buy Gold Krugerrands for Sale In each of the Krugerrand gold coins, there is estimated to be exactly one troy ounce of pure gold. However, the actual weight of the coin is slightly more than this because the gold has been mixed with an alloy to make it stronger. The added strength of the metal minimizes the chance that the coin value will be negatively […]

An Introduction to the Best Swiss Gold Coins for Sale Today

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The Swiss 20-franc (FR) gold coin, also known as the Vreneli or Swiss Miss, remains one of the most popular and classic gold coins today. With an attractive look and distinctive design, they offer all the advantages of gold bullion plus additional benefits like limited supply, historical significance, collector demand, and extra premium potential due to of scarcity. If you are looking to invest in this beautiful piece of Swiss history, contact us today. Vreneli Swiss Coins: An Introduction Vreneli coins feature a lovely young woman wearing a flower garland around her neck. The backdrop of the bust is the majestic Swiss Alps and the word HELVETIA appears above her head. On the back of the coin is a Swiss shield before a ribbon-tied oak branch. The denomination of the coin, 20 FR, and the date the coin was minted are also on this side. Each Vreneli Swiss 20 FR gold coin is made of 90 percent gold, weighs 6.4516 g, and are 21 mm in diameter. The Swiss gold coin price is mostly determined by supply and demand and the underlying value of gold, however, most trade for a premium over melt value due their age and rarity. Why Investors […]

What are Some of the Best Places to Buy Precious Metals Online?

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Since the beginning of recorded history, precious metals, specifically gold and silver, have been acknowledged as valuable currency worthy of bartering with and investing. If you fast forward to present day, this opinion still holds true; many good investors will have a portfolio with at least 10 percent containing precious metals. With the advent of the internet, buying precious metals has become possible from the comfort of your own home. There are a lot of ways and places to buy precious metals online, so let’s delve deeper into this potentially profitable endeavor. Buying Precious Metals Online: Why Do It? People typically get involved in purchasing gold and silver to either invest, hedge against inflation or use for modern day bartering in the event of an economic collapse. For as long as we can remember, it has always been revered as a viable form of global currency. In addition, you can actually take possession of your precious metals investment, allowing you to store it in the safety and security of your own home. How to Buy Precious Metals Figuring out where to buy precious metals by narrowing down the best places for them, as well as and keeping them safe is a […]

What Are the Best Places to Buy Gold Sovereigns on the Internet?

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If you are searching for a great gold coin to buy, take a closer look at the British gold sovereign. The sovereign is a term that refers all coins minted from 1817 through the present day with the image of a British king or queen engraved on them. Some of the many rulers who have been featured on these coins include George III, George IV, William IV, Edward VII and others. Notably, the YH shield, the 1989 Anniversary edition, the 2002 Jubilee edition and a few others do not feature a monarch’s image on them. While they have a face value of approximately one pound sterling, some older versions of these coins have been sold to investors and collectors for hundreds of thousands of pounds. The Value of Gold Sovereigns With this in mind, you may be looking for gold sovereigns to buy that are affordable for your budget but that will sell for a fortune in the future. There are a few factors that will impact the future value of a gold sovereign coin. For example, the number of coins that were minted for the specific version or edition will impact value. Rarity makes the value of any gold […]

American Gold Eagle Coins for Sale – Great Value at Affordable Rates

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The American Gold Eagle is valued by investors and collectors alike for its rarity and beauty. This coin was first released in 1986 by the US Mint and continues to be manufactured today. According to the size and scarcity of each specific piece, Gold Eagle coins come with fair premiums above the spot price of gold. Keep reading to learn more about this stunning coin’s variations, style, history, and current perspective. Weight and Composition All United States Gold Eagle coins are legally required to be constructed of at least 91% gold originating within America, in addition to a tiny proportion of copper (just over 5%) and silver (about 3%) to create a more stable coin. Whenever one is contemplating the composition of a Golden Eagle, it’s important to factor in these trace alloys. One example is the 1 ounce American Golden Eagle, which is made up of a single ounce (around 31 grams) of gold and about 2.8 grams of copper and silver, bringing the full weight of the piece to almost 34 grams. Design The United States Gold Eagle’s design claims its status as one of the more easy-to-recognize coin patterns in all of numismatics. The coin’s obverse side […]

Where to Buy the Best Canadian Gold Coins

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If you are searching for a rare gold coin to invest in, Canadian gold coins may be a top pick. Many of the gold coins that you will find collectors and investors flocking to are actually an alloy composite. For example, older U.S. coins were are made of 90 percent gold and have an additional 10 percent copper added to them for strength. Krugerrands are only 91.67 percent gold. The maple coin produced by the Canadian Mint, however, is unique because it is made out of pure gold. However, because of this, it is a softer metal and must be handled with extreme care in order to preserve its valuation. The Sizes and Values of Canadian Gold Coins Before you invest in Canadian coins, you may want to know what denominations they are available in. The 100 dollar gold coin is popular with investors. The 100 dollar option has been minted since 1976 as a commemorative coin. The other option is a 50 gold coin. The 50 dollar gold coin features the maple leaf, and these were introduced to the market in 1979 in direct competition with the Krugerrand. Up to that point, the Krugerrand was most popular to investors, but the […]

Where to Buy Swiss Gold Bars at the Lowest Price

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Investors are typically interested in buying gold as an off-set or protection against economic recessions. Investing in gold is a very cost efficient method of preserving your buying strength and economic worth for an extended period of time. With the current day’s shaky economic outlook, investing in gold remains one of the most secure and effective ways to safeguard your riches. An Introduction to Swiss Gold “Swiss gold” is a term that pertains to gold bars and coins that are processed and distributed in the country of Switzerland. Swiss gold bars in particular are highly esteemed for their premium quality, composition, genuineness, and value. PAMP Suisse: Who Are They? PAMP Suisse, a Switzerland-based precious metals refinery, produces some of the highest quality Swiss gold bars on earth. The company is currently one of the world’s top gold refineries and is well-known for its production of brilliant golden bars. Swiss gold has been said to be the favorite gold of investors due to its high level of purity and aesthetic beauty. PAMP Suisse currently manages over 50% of the entire market for golden bars that weigh under 50 grams. The company also works with an estimated 13,000,000 ounces of gold every year […]

Where to Find the Best 1 oz Silver Bars for Sale Today

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When precious metal investors buy a one ounce silver bar, they are making a strategic financial decision. Adding a silver bar collection to one’s investment portfolio is a great way to diversify and hedge market volatility. According to Bank Rate, 10 percent of an investment portfolio should be made up of gold and silver. At Sigo Co, it is our goal is to make your portfolio as strong as possible, so give us a call today. The Three Main Reasons for Investing in Silver One Ounce Bars Investors buy silver bars and other forms of precious metals for three simple reasons: As an investment A 1 ounce silver bar is a savvy inflation hedge For bartering and survivalist purposes People who invest in silver 1 ounce bars look for price increases based off of the supply and demand basics of silver. For example, Warren Buffet is probably the most famous silver investor of all time. In 1998, he bought 129.7 million ounces of silver for his company, Berkshire Hathaway. It is not exactly clear if it was primarily for investing or as an inflation hedge because he never disclosed what he allocated his silver for when he purchased it and never did […]

Things You Should Know Before Buying Silver Bullion Online

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Silver bullion is a broad term that is used to describe silver bullion bars, silver coins and other types of silver. It is most commonly purchased as an investment, and this because silver bars and coins may increase in value and are only minimally affected by inflationary rates. Investors love to include them in their portfolios for these reasons, but collectors also may purchase silver bullion coins and bars. Whether you are an investor or a collector, it is important to learn more about some of the best places to buy silver. Where to Buy Silver Bullion Online Many people who are considering an investment in silver wonder, “should I buy silver over the Internet?” They want to know if it is safe and even if it is legal. More than that, they want to ensure that they get a great deal on cheap silver. The reality is that the best way to purchase this precious metal is over the Internet. This gives you a convenient way to research the dealers you are interested in buying from as well as to shop around for the best price possible. You want to look for the vendor that has a fast, easy buying process, […]

Where and How to Purchase the Best Quality Silver Online

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If you have decided to buy silver online, you are not alone. Many people want to buy physical silver to profit from an increase in silver prices. This precious metal has historically increased in value over recent decades, making it ideal to hold as a long-term investment. It also is often purchased as a hedge against inflation. During an unstable economy, precious metals can help protect you against market losses. Additionally, it can be appealing to own precious metals, such as silver coins or bars, and many people like to collect them. Some will also buy silver bars online to give to others as a thoughtful gift. For example, grandparents may purchase a silver bar or several coins to give to their grandchildren to invest in their future. If you have decided to do some silver online shopping yourself, you can follow these tips to make most intelligent silver buying decision possible. Understanding the Price of Silver Before you buy online silver, it is important to learn more about the cost. You can purchase everything from a one-ounce coin to a 100-ounce bar and more. The online silver price will fluctuate daily as the price of silver fluctuates. This is a traded […]

Understanding the Best 1 Kilogram Silver Bars Currently for Sale

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Silver bullion bars can be found in many different sizes, shapes, and weights, ranging from around 1 ounce to 100 ounces or more. One kind of bar that tends to be ignored by many investors is the 1 kilogram silver bar. Clocking in at just over 32 ounces, the silver 1kg bar is thought by many to be an ideal size due to the fact that it’s big enough to represent a significant investment, but small enough to fit in practically any nook in your home. Some people forget about 1 kg silver bullion bars due to the obscurity of their weight. Nevertheless, these bars are a perfect opportunity to invest substantially in silver, and not have to deal with storing numerous different pieces. Whenever you buy 1kg silver bar, you’re not just investing a considerable amount in silver, but you’re making the whole procedure of investing simpler for yourself as well. Proportions Here at Sigo Co, you can find a bullion bar that’s big enough to justify investing in, but compact enough to be safely kept safely within the investor’s house or storage safe. The standard proportions of a 1 kg silver bullion bar are approximately 4.7 inches in length, […]

Should I Buy Gold? The Benefits of Investing in Precious Metals

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Gold has long been seen as not only a sign of wealth, but also a stable investment in times of market volatility. Buying gold is considered as a hedge investment. If you’re asking yourself “should I buy gold,” you should first explore what this means. Describing gold as a “hedge investment” means that it is a safe haven for investment money because it protects an investor’s funds against inflation. At times when the market crashes, gold investments can be one of the only possible investments that actually increases in value. Nevertheless, there are many detractors out there to investing in gold that you’re likely to become aware of if you ask yourself the question of, “Should I buy gold?” Some consider buying gold to be an obsolete form of investment because gold is not as valuable in our everyday lives as it once was. Yet there are some important pieces of information to consider before you entirely pass on the possibility of investing in gold. An especially important statistic to consider is the fact that very early in this century, the value of gold rose enormously over a very short period of time. The value of gold in 2008 was […]

Understanding the Value of Gold Today, Per Gram & Per Ounce

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There are many ways to make an investment in gold, but before you do, it’s important to fully understand it’s value both today and yesterday. With a closer look at gold value historically as well as currently, you can better decide which type of gold you want to invest in now. The Historical Value of Gold When you research gold coin values and the worth of other types of gold, you will see that the value of gold today is substantially higher than it was in the past. Even since 2000, gold value per ounce his increased exponentially, making this one of the more lucrative types of investments that you could have made in the last few decades. Many people who take advantage of the value of gold per ounce do so because the worth does tend to increase over time. Although many people will invest in one ounce of gold or more, some folks may want to know gold’s value in other quantities as well. For example, the value of gold per gram is also important for investors who want to buy smaller amounts. Additionally, many will invest substantially by purchasing dozens or even hundreds of 20 dollar gold coin pieces to […]

Where to Find the Best Gold Bars for Sale on the Internet

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Many investors like to invest in a wide range of assets, such as stocks, bonds and CDs, to round out their portfolio. Additionally, many savvy investors will also buy precious metals, such as gold, to hedge against the effects of inflation on their portfolio’s value. If you are worried about a future stock market crash, there are many different forms of gold you can invest in. A popular choice among many precious metals investors is the gold bar. Finding a high-quality gold bar for sale can offer tremendous ROI potential over the long term. Over the past few decades, gold value per ounce his increased exponentially, making this one of the more lucrative types of investments you could have made. Buying bars of gold can provide you with not only an excellent return on your investment, but they can minimize the risk of total financial loss to your portfolio in a worst-case financial situation. With a closer look at the process of buying gold bullion bars for sale, you may be ready to make a more informed buying decision. The Different Types of Gold for Sale You Could Invest In As a first step when investing in pure gold bars […]

How to Buy Real, Physical Gold Bullion Bars and Coins Online

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If you want to know how to buy gold bars, coins, or other types of gold, you are not alone. Gold is one of the most popular types of precious metals that you can invest in. While you may have already decided the type of gold you want to buy, you may not know how to go forward with your buying plans. Let’s take a closer look at where and how to buy gold bars, bullion, stocks and more. How to Buy Physical Gold A common question investors ask is how can I find a great gold dealer. First, consider the fact that you can purchase gold directly from your bank. Most banks offer you the ability to purchase precious metals in coins or bars, and you may even store them in a safe deposit box on-site for safe keeping. Another way to buy gold is to shop with a dealer, and you can find dealers online with a quick Internet search. These are fast, easy ways to buy the types of gold that you want. Ensure that you work with a dealer that provides free shipping to keep your cost to purchase the gold as low as possible. What […]

Where to Buy Silver Coins Online at Competitive Prices

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If you have decided that purchasing silver is right for you, you may begin to explore the different options for investing in this precious metal. Silver is one of the top precious metals to invest in, and there are different methods of investment available for you to pursue. For example, you can purchase stock or an exchange traded fund in a silver mining company to take advantage of profits in the silver industry. While this is a suitable investment idea for some, others want to purchase physical silver to keep in a safe at their home or even to give as a special gift to someone. Purchasing silver is relatively easy to do, but first, you need to know the best place to buy silver online as well as the type of silver that you want to purchase. Benefits of Buying Silver Coins Online If you are looking to buy silver coins to add to your investment portfolio, you may enjoy many benefits when you buy online. Shopping online makes it simple and easy to research the options thoroughly and compare prices side-by-side. Many investors choose to use this research and buying method for their portfolio diversification, and online purchases […]

Where to Find the Best 100 oz Silver Bars for Sale

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Buying precious metals has been a popular investment activity for centuries, and both gold and silver are among the top investment vehicles to choose from. Silver is a top metal to consider because of its incredible ability to provide a hedge against inflation and because its worth has increased substantially over the past few decades. Before you consider how much silver bars for sale cost and how to buy silver, you may want to take a closer look at a 10 oz bar of silver. While silver is available for purchase in sizes that range from one-ounce to 100-ounces, silver 10 oz bars are a popular choice that works well for many investors regardless of their funds available. You can easily compare these bars against available silver bullion and coins listed online to make an intelligent buying investment decision for your needs. How Much is a 10 oz Silver Bar Worth? One of the first questions you may be asking yourself when exploring the silver investment options available is, “what is a 10 oz silver bar worth?” This is an important question. The 10 oz silver bar value as well as current silver pricing will help you to determine how many bars […]

100 oz Silver Bars: Measurements, Manufacturers and Storage Options

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When somebody wants to make a substantial silver bullion bar investment, one of the most common size of bars they choose are those that weigh 100 troy ounces. This is because 100 oz silver bars have lower spot price premiums than silver bars of other sizes. Several different companies manufacture these 100 oz bullion bars, and although most of them are comparable in terms of their shapes and sizes, it’s the brand name engraved into their sides that is of the utmost importance to many collectors. At Sigo Co, finding authentic 100 oz bullion bars for sale from the brand of your choice couldn’t be easier. To buy mint and uncirculated 100 oz silver bullion bars, please call us or complete our short inquiry form. Popular Manufacturers Silver is a cheaper precious metal than gold, and consequently buying it in large amounts is not just practical, but considerably more common too. Although the majority of silver bullion bars have similar dimensions and are generally the same shape, investors place a lot of emphasis on what company produces their bars and sometimes won’t even buy one if their preferred manufacturer’s silver bullion bar isn’t available to them. While this might seem a […]

What Types of Silver Bullion Bars & Coins Are Being Sold Today?

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Silver bullion can be a very wise choice for investment purposes. Throughout history, investors have bought gold and silver to protect themselves from the effects of inflation and safeguard their securities during economic recessions. Buying silver bullion in particular has come to be viewed as one of the most efficient methods of mixing up an investor’s portfolio, and some investors prefer silver bullion bars over silver coins. Silver Bullion Bars Silver bullion bars are available in a number of different designs, weights, and brands, and you can find one to accommodate any budget. Produced by high quality mints located all over the globe, silver bars vary in size from one ounce to one kilo, providing investors of all financial backgrounds the variety and opportunity to secure their precious holdings. Besides the most common technique of locating silver bullion bars for sale on your own, you also have the option of holding them in a self-governed IRA. This enables you to make full use of the strength of precious metals, in addition to the tax perks IRAs provide, making your portfolio more dynamically varied. Silver Bullion Coins Silver bullion coins can be passed down for years in families, making them both […]

Reviewing Gold and Silver Backed IRAs

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If you’re serious about your individual retirement account, it’s goes without saying that you should be filling it with income-producing assets. However, you’ll need to go a step further to protect yourself from volatile, unpredictable markets. Diversification is a key goal here – precious metals like gold and silver are strong start. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits adding precious metals to your portfolio, then read on. Are You Ready for Retirement? Most people want to retire, and for many folks the earlier the better. However, it costs money to live and money doesn’t grow on trees, unfortunately. The major challenge with retirement is financial planning. Getting everything organized is paramount, and having a well-rounded IRA which can stand the test of time should be at the top of your list. The perfect financial portfolio should be like a high-quality kite – at first it may be challenging to get it up into the air, but once it’s up it can stay afloat all day long and is more resilient than most against changes of weather. In order to stay afloat during these weather changes, your IRA account needs a variety of different asset classes, which […]

Understanding Gold Biscuit Prices in Todays Current Market

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Investing in gold is a wise financial move to make. One form of gold that is often misunderstood and overlooked is the gold biscuit. Also known as wafers, gold biscuits are appropriately named because they are thinner than gold bars and are stamped rather than cast. Both bars and biscuits may be engraved and made out of real, pure gold. However, because biscuits are lighter in weight, they are more affordable to purchase than bars. Many investors who are actively researching gold biscuit prices are pleased to learn about the lower cost associated with biscuits and end up placing their orders online. With a closer look at what you can expect from your investment in gold biscuits, you too may be ready to take advantage of the gold biscuit price. The Benefits of Investing in Gold Biscuits Before you spend time researching the price of a gold biscuit, you may want to learn more about the benefits of this type of investment. With all gold investments, you will benefit from investing in an inflationary hedge as well as from taking precautions against financial loss related to worldwide economic turmoil. Many people have lived through at least one significant economic downturn, and they […]

Best 20 Dollar Gold Coins by Value, Weight & Price

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To people with no background knowledge of precious metals, it may appear that the 20 dollar gold coin value is twenty dollars, but in reality, this is far from the truth. In fact, there are several factors that come into play when making this type of valuation. With a closer look at how gold coins are valued and what specific factors to look for with a U.S. gold coin, you can create a more accurate valuation for your gold coins. How to Determine the Valuation of Your 20 Dollar Gold Coin There are a few factors that are used to determine gold coin value. Regardless of whether you have a double eagle or another type of coin, the level of purity, overall weight, age, rarity, condition and how legible the engraving on the coin is will all impact it’s valuation. A smart idea is to carefully inspect each piece in your collection and to make a chart that shows the dates and condition of each one. You can then use a coin collector website or even an online gold sales website to research how much other similar pieces are selling for. This will give you a good starting point for better […]

Where to Find the Best Silver Bars Made By Engelhard Silver Company

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The investment of even a single new silver bar to your collection is not a matter to take lightly. Regardless of whether you are investing or collecting silver bars, you understandably want to make a thoughtful decision that will provide significant financial gain in the future. With this in mind, you may be scrutinizing different silver manufacturers to find the best brand to purchase. Engelhard silver bars are among the most popular choices available, but you need to know more about what this brand offers before you make an informed buying decision. What You Need to Know Before You Buy Engelhard Silver Bars Engelhard is an American-based silver manufacturer that has only recently been purchased by a German company, BASF. Engelhard made a wide range of silver bars in various sizes that include everything from one and 10 ounce bars to 100 ounce bars and more. These are pure silver bars that have been engraved with the Engelhard logo as well as a serial number for identification purposes. The brand produced an incredible number of silver bars, but it ceased production of new bars for circulation in the 1980s. Because of this, if you decide to purchase a bar from […]

Where to Find the Best Johnson Matthey Silver Bullion Bars for Sale

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Many investors and precious metal collectors alike are actively adding Johnson Matthey silver bars to their portfolios and collections, and you may be wondering why this brand is so popular. Johnson Matthey silver bars are available in denominations that vary from one ounce to 10 ounces to even 100 ounces, and this makes it both convenient and affordable for investors to take advantage of the benefits that come from the Johnson Matthey name. You can even place a bulk order to purchase a case of bars. However, before you buy Johnson Matthey silver bars yourself, you may be interested in learning more about this company and why the manufacturer of your next silver purchase matters all. Why the Manufacturer Matters If you are new to silver investing or collecting, you may easily assume that all brands of silver are the same. After all, if you purchase a silver bar from one manufacturer, it should be the same level of purity that you purchase from another manufacturer. There are literally hundreds of silver bar manufacturers working in the industry today, but the top brands often fetch a higher premium and a greater re-sale value for investors and collectors. There are several reasons […]

Why It’s Important to Know the Spot Price of Gold Today, Per Gram & Per Ounce

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Whether you are thinking about purchasing gold bars, bullion or coins, one of the first terms you will come across is the spot price. This may be an unknown term for new investors and collectors, but it will play a major role in your gold buying decision. It is important to become as educated as possible about your investments before you make them, so it is critical that you gain a better understanding of how this term may impact your financial investments. By learning more about the spot price and the gold spot market, you can more easily make a savvy investment decision when purchasing this rare precious metal. What Investors Need to Know About the Gold Spot Price The gold spot value price is essentially the cost that gold is trading for today. You can easily research gold spot values online, but bear in mind that the spot price constantly fluctuates. Because gold is traded around the globe, the price can fluctuate around the clock, seven days a week. Investors typically want to purchase gold at a price as close to the spot price as possible. Some dealers charge a premium over the spot price to earn a profit […]

Where to Buy Silver Bars Online & How to Find the Best Rates

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The decision to purchase silver bars for sale may be an easy one to make, but you still may not know where the best place to buy a silver dollar bar is located or how to buy silver bars altogether. You may also be wondering if it’s possible to get great wholesale deals to buy cheap silver for sale. Or maybe you’re curious about what to look for in a reputable supplier of silver bars. Before you can take advantage of the benefits of today’s attractive silver bar prices, it is important to fully understand the process behind this type of investment. With proper knowledge, you will make the best silver bar purchase to add to your portfolio. Understanding the Price of Silver Poured silver has true value, but the price for this metal fluctuates daily. More than that, unless you buy wholesale, there is a good chance that your solid silver investment has a premium charge tacked onto it. This can be detrimental to your return on investment. If you are asking yourself, “where can I buy this precious metal,” try to find dealers that charge at or close to spot price for your bars. The weight of silver affects […]

The Best Gold and Silver Bullion Coins for Sale Today: Things You Should Know

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Many investors are making the decision to buy gold and silver coins online, and you may be wondering how to go about making this type of purchase as well. First, you will need to decide between purchasing pure gold coins, silver coins or both. Gold coins for sale as well other types of real gold may be ideal for serious investors who want to protect their portfolio against the effects of inflation and see an increase in value over time. Regardless of your reasons for making a gold purchase, there are many things to learn when buying gold that can affect your overall investment decision. Understanding Why Age and Rarity Impact Value Many people who want to buy coins or bullion are more interested in adding pieces to their collection rather than making a savvy financial investment. While all gold has value, old and rare gold that is in great condition can have increased value. If you find old gold coins for sale, you can get a better idea about their value by ensuring that they are made out of real, pure gold. Those with more pronounced detailing made out of solid gold that has not been worn are worth […]

How to Find the Best Places to Buy Gold Eagles Online

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The American Gold Eagle is valued by investors and collectors alike for its rarity and beauty. This coin was first released in 1986 by the US Mint and continues to be manufactured today. According to the size and scarcity of each specific piece, Gold Eagle coins come with fair premiums above the spot price of gold. Keep reading to learn more about this stunning coin’s variations, style, history, and current perspective. Weight and Composition All United States Gold Eagle coins are legally required to be constructed of at least 91% gold originating within America, in addition to a tiny proportion of copper (just over 5%) and silver (about 3%) to create a more stable coin. Whenever one is contemplating the composition of a Golden Eagle, it’s important to factor in these trace alloys. One example is the 1 ounce American Golden Eagle, which is made up of a single ounce (around 31 grams) of gold and about 2.8 grams of copper and silver, bringing the full weight of the piece to almost 34 grams. Design The United States Gold Eagle’s design claims its status as one of the more easy-to-recognize coin patterns in all of numismatics. The coin’s obverse side […]