Understanding the Best 1 Kilogram Silver Bars Currently for Sale

best price for a stackable 1kg bar for sale

best price for a stackable 1kg bar for sale

Silver bullion bars can be found in many different sizes, shapes, and weights, ranging from around 1 ounce to 100 ounces or more. One kind of bar that tends to be ignored by many investors is the 1 kilogram silver bar.

Clocking in at just over 32 ounces, the silver 1kg bar is thought by many to be an ideal size due to the fact that it’s big enough to represent a significant investment, but small enough to fit in practically any nook in your home. Some people forget about 1 kg silver bullion bars due to the obscurity of their weight. Nevertheless, these bars are a perfect opportunity to invest substantially in silver, and not have to deal with storing numerous different pieces. Whenever you buy 1kg silver bar, you’re not just investing a considerable amount in silver, but you’re making the whole procedure of investing simpler for yourself as well.


Here at Sigo Co, you can find a bullion bar that’s big enough to justify investing in, but compact enough to be safely kept safely within the investor’s house or storage safe. The standard proportions of a 1 kg silver bullion bar are approximately 4.7 inches in length, 2.1 inches in width, and .6 inches in thickness.


Securely stashing 1 kg bars is pretty easy, as their compact dimensions allow you to store a number of single kilogram bars in just about any small space inside of your home. Many investors that are seriously interested in making a silver investment own their own safes, and if you happen to be one of them, you should have no trouble fitting one and even up to three or four 1 kg silver bullion bars in your safe.

In contrast, some investors looking to buy this size of silver bullion bar are casual buyers who have no safe, vault, or other means of protecting their investments. For them, keeping 1 kg silver bars in a professionally managed vault may be the way to go.


Similar to virtually all other kinds and sizes of silver bullion bars, the manufacturer of each piece is of paramount importance to many investors. Many times a person who is thinking about purchasing a 1kg silver bullion bar will change their mind if the seller has none of the their preferred bullion manufacturer’s silver in stock.


Because 1 kg silver bullion bars are classified as bigger bars and cost less to make, you can anticipate paying cheaper premiums than those of smaller-sized bars like the 1 and 10 oz sizes. Subject to which seller you buy from, any premiums you must pay above the spot price of a 1kg silver bar shouldn’t really exceed a few dollars. Even though you know this now, you may still want to research prices at various sites to make sure you’re getting the best deal, since the rates silver merchants charge for 1 kg silver bullion bars can vary and fluctuate.

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