Where to Buy the Best Canadian Gold Coins

1 troy ounce with Queen Elizabeth II of Canada

1 troy ounce with Queen Elizabeth II of Canada

If you are searching for a rare gold coin to invest in, Canadian gold coins may be a top pick. Many of the gold coins that you will find collectors and investors flocking to are actually an alloy composite. For example, older U.S. coins were are made of 90 percent gold and have an additional 10 percent copper added to them for strength. Krugerrands are only 91.67 percent gold. The maple coin produced by the Canadian Mint, however, is unique because it is made out of pure gold. However, because of this, it is a softer metal and must be handled with extreme care in order to preserve its valuation.

The Sizes and Values of Canadian Gold Coins

Before you invest in Canadian coins, you may want to know what denominations they are available in. The 100 dollar gold coin is popular with investors. The 100 dollar option has been minted since 1976 as a commemorative coin. The other option is a 50 gold coin. The 50 dollar gold coin features the maple leaf, and these were introduced to the market in 1979 in direct competition with the Krugerrand. Up to that point, the Krugerrand was most popular to investors, but the introduction of the pure gold 50 dollar piece by Canada changed this.

Protecting the Value of Pure Gold Coins

Before you take advantage of exceptional Canadian gold coin values, it is important to know that something as simple as dropping these coins on a tabletop can scratch the delicate surface of the coins, and this can be a direct detriment of the coin value. They are typically sold in a roll or tube, and even opening the tube must be done with great care. You can hold the tube in the palm of one hand and cut the tube carefully with the other hand. Have a preservation method in mind before you open the protective tube, and avoid handling these coins to protect the Canadian maple gold coin price and valuation. Failing to handle the coins with care is one of the top factors that will affect the resale price of the Canadian gold coin.

Where to Buy the Best Quality Canadian Maple Coins

Now that you have learned more about pure gold coins available from the Canada Mint, you may be ready to make a purchase. First, decide what denomination of coins you wish to purchase. If you will be buying a single coin, such as for a gift for a loved one, making the purchase directly from a local bank in Canada may be a wise idea. However, you do not need to be located in Canada to take advantage of the benefits of investing in Canada’s gold coins. You can also purchase these coins from dealers or suppliers. Verify that they are legitimate dealers before you make a purchase, and be wary of dealers who may sell fake coins that are not made out of pure gold.

Take note of the year that your coins were minted in as well. Older coins may fetch a higher premium over the face valuation of the coins, but the coins must be in excellent condition in order for this to be the case. You may also pay attention to how many of these coins were minted each year, and this is because rarer coins will have a higher premium. Also, ensure that the coins will be shipped with care as they can be damaged en route.

Buying real Canadian gold is a wonderful idea, and you can purchase it as a gift for a loved one or to add to your own collection or portfolio. They are available through a wide range of venues, but the best place to make a purchase from is from a bank or a reputable dealer. Because these are pure gold and are in high demand, it may be wise to store them in a locked safe to prevent theft and to avoid unnecessary handling that may ultimately damage them and detract from their overall valuation.

today's market value of 50 dollar and 100 dollar coins (1979)

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