100 oz Silver Bars: Measurements, Manufacturers and Storage Options

several one hundred ounce bars

several one hundred ounce bars

When somebody wants to make a substantial silver bullion bar investment, one of the most common size of bars they choose are those that weigh 100 troy ounces. This is because 100 oz silver bars have lower spot price premiums than silver bars of other sizes.

Several different companies manufacture these 100 oz bullion bars, and although most of them are comparable in terms of their shapes and sizes, it’s the brand name engraved into their sides that is of the utmost importance to many collectors.

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Popular Manufacturers

Silver is a cheaper precious metal than gold, and consequently buying it in large amounts is not just practical, but considerably more common too.

Although the majority of silver bullion bars have similar dimensions and are generally the same shape, investors place a lot of emphasis on what company produces their bars and sometimes won’t even buy one if their preferred manufacturer’s silver bullion bar isn’t available to them. While this might seem a little radical, this is how many precious metals investors operate.

Some of the more popular manufacturers of 100 oz silver bullion bars include:

  • Engelhard
  • Heraeus
  • Johnson Matthey
  • NTR Metals
  • Royal Canadian Mint
  • Sunshine Minting


Not surprisingly, 100 oz silver bullion bars are a few of the largest on the market, as they are obviously many times bigger than the more common 1 and 10 oz bars. Despite the fact that a 100 oz bar is substantially larger than the more compact silver weights, they’re relatively easy to maintain and store. Most often, 100 oz silver bullion bars measure roughly 6.5 inches long, 2.5 inches wide, and 1.25 inches thick.

Storing Your Bars

Unless you have sufficient security systems to safely keep your bullion bars in the house, you might need to enlist the help of a professional that you can pay to store and safeguard your investments. Very often, collectors decide to use third-party storage facilities to keep their bars safe because they just don’t feel at ease with them in their home. If you decide to leave the protection of your bars up to a professional, it’s wise to scout out an established gold and silver storage facility, since they remain the most secure and economical solution out there.

If you are thinking of buying 100 oz silver bars and would prefer to store it in your own private residence however, you can do that too. 100 oz silver bars allow you to make a sizable investment and not have to concern yourself with acquiring a storage unit to keep your investment in, or fret over losing bits like you might if you bought a hundred single-ounce bars piece by piece.

Lower Premiums

Given that purchasing just one 100 oz silver bullion bar is deemed as a bulk order of silver, the bars have some of the cheapest premiums above their spot price. It’s actually quite common to find 100 oz bars with premiums totaling less than a dollar an ounce. As it’s plain to see, $1 per ounce above the spot value of silver is considerably cheaper than the multi-dollar premiums you’re likely to come across with lighter bars. The modest premiums that come with bigger silver bullion bars clearly illustrate why it’s sensible to make a larger investment in a precious metal if you’ve got the funds.

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