The Beginners Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver

Although precious metals like gold and silver are considered an old-fashioned approach to investing, in reality, these old storehouses of wealth do play an important role in a modern portfolio. An ounce of silver or gold has the same recognized value globally, which makes these metals easy to trade. This article outlines why you should invest in these two precious metals and should act as a guide to investing in gold and silver. Today, many people are asking themselves “should I invest in gold or silver?” After the two world wars and the great depression, many Europeans were exposed to […]

How to Buy Gold: Where to Shop and Find the Best Prices

Gold has long been one of the top precious metals for investors to add to their portfolios. It is often purchased when there is economic turmoil in the world because physical gold tends to retain its value and even increase in value during these periods. Often times, people will purchase gold by shopping online when they want to protect their portfolio from the damaging effects of inflation. Before you buy gold online, carefully focus on these important tips to make the best buying decision possible. Deciding How Much Gold to Buy As a first step in the shopping process, you […]

Where to Find the Best Gold Bullion Bars and Coins for Sale

best gold for sale on the internet

Many people are considering gold as a way to protect themselves against future financial unknowns. During the Global Recession of 2008, major financial institutions around the world were in distress. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the price of gold rapidly increased between 2008 and 2012 as governments, corporations, and investors around the world sought to protect purchasing power. Today, fixed income yields are at or near historic lows. As traditional paper investments like stocks soar, some investors ask, “Does the stock market reflect future earnings or are we entering another market bubble?” Most importantly, these same […]

What are Some of the Best Places to Buy Precious Metals Online?

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Since the beginning of recorded history, precious metals, specifically gold and silver, have been acknowledged as valuable currency worthy of bartering with and investing. If you fast forward to present day, this opinion still holds true; many good investors will have a portfolio with at least 10 percent containing precious metals. With the advent of the internet, buying precious metals has become possible from the comfort of your own home. There are a lot of ways and places to buy precious metals online, so let’s delve deeper into this potentially profitable endeavor. Buying Precious Metals Online: Why Do It? People typically […]

Where to Buy Swiss Gold Bars at the Lowest Price

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Investors are typically interested in buying gold as an off-set or protection against economic recessions. Investing in gold is a very cost efficient method of preserving your buying strength and economic worth for an extended period of time. With the current day’s shaky economic outlook, investing in gold remains one of the most secure and effective ways to safeguard your riches. An Introduction to Swiss Gold “Swiss gold” is a term that pertains to gold bars and coins that are processed and distributed in the country of Switzerland. Swiss gold bars in particular are highly esteemed for their premium quality, composition, […]

Should I Buy Gold? The Benefits of Investing in Precious Metals

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Gold has long been seen as not only a sign of wealth, but also a stable investment in times of market volatility. Buying gold is considered as a hedge investment. If you’re asking yourself “should I buy gold,” you should first explore what this means. Describing gold as a “hedge investment” means that it is a safe haven for investment money because it protects an investor’s funds against inflation. At times when the market crashes, gold investments can be one of the only possible investments that actually increases in value. Nevertheless, there are many detractors out there to investing in […]

Understanding the Value of Gold Today, Per Gram & Per Ounce

how much is today's trade-in cost at spot for 5 or 20 dollar coins?

There are many ways to make an investment in gold, but before you do, it’s important to fully understand it’s value both today and yesterday. With a closer look at gold value historically as well as currently, you can better decide which type of gold you want to invest in now. The Historical Value of Gold When you research gold coin values and the worth of other types of gold, you will see that the value of gold today is substantially higher than it was in the past. Even since 2000, gold value per ounce his increased exponentially, making this one of […]

Where to Find the Best Gold Bars for Sale on the Internet

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Many investors like to invest in a wide range of assets, such as stocks, bonds and CDs, to round out their portfolio. Additionally, many savvy investors will also buy precious metals, such as gold, to hedge against the effects of inflation on their portfolio’s value. If you are worried about a future stock market crash, there are many different forms of gold you can invest in. A popular choice among many precious metals investors is the gold bar. Finding a high-quality gold bar for sale can offer tremendous ROI potential over the long term. Over the past few decades, gold […]

How to Buy Real, Physical Gold Bullion Bars and Coins Online

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If you want to know how to buy gold bars, coins, or other types of gold, you are not alone. Gold is one of the most popular types of precious metals that you can invest in. While you may have already decided the type of gold you want to buy, you may not know how to go forward with your buying plans. Let’s take a closer look at where and how to buy gold bars, bullion, stocks and more. How to Buy Physical Gold A common question investors ask is how can I find a great gold dealer. First, consider […]

Reviewing Gold and Silver Backed IRAs

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If you’re serious about your individual retirement account, it’s goes without saying that you should be filling it with income-producing assets. However, you’ll need to go a step further to protect yourself from volatile, unpredictable markets. Diversification is a key goal here – precious metals like gold and silver are strong start. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits adding precious metals to your portfolio, then read on. Are You Ready for Retirement? Most people want to retire, and for many folks the earlier the better. However, it costs money to live and money doesn’t grow on […]

Understanding Gold Biscuit Prices in Todays Current Market

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Investing in gold is a wise financial move to make. One form of gold that is often misunderstood and overlooked is the gold biscuit. Also known as wafers, gold biscuits are appropriately named because they are thinner than gold bars and are stamped rather than cast. Both bars and biscuits may be engraved and made out of real, pure gold. However, because biscuits are lighter in weight, they are more affordable to purchase than bars. Many investors who are actively researching gold biscuit prices are pleased to learn about the lower cost associated with biscuits and end up placing their orders online. […]

Why It’s Important to Know the Spot Price of Gold Today, Per Gram & Per Ounce

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Whether you are thinking about purchasing gold bars, bullion or coins, one of the first terms you will come across is the spot price. This may be an unknown term for new investors and collectors, but it will play a major role in your gold buying decision. It is important to become as educated as possible about your investments before you make them, so it is critical that you gain a better understanding of how this term may impact your financial investments. By learning more about the spot price and the gold spot market, you can more easily make a […]