Where to Find the Best Johnson Matthey Silver Bullion Bars for Sale

where to invest in valueable wholesale bullion

where to invest in valuable wholesale bullion

Many investors and precious metal collectors alike are actively adding Johnson Matthey silver bars to their portfolios and collections, and you may be wondering why this brand is so popular. Johnson Matthey silver bars are available in denominations that vary from one ounce to 10 ounces to even 100 ounces, and this makes it both convenient and affordable for investors to take advantage of the benefits that come from the Johnson Matthey name. You can even place a bulk order to purchase a case of bars. However, before you buy Johnson Matthey silver bars yourself, you may be interested in learning more about this company and why the manufacturer of your next silver purchase matters all.

Why the Manufacturer Matters

If you are new to silver investing or collecting, you may easily assume that all brands of silver are the same. After all, if you purchase a silver bar from one manufacturer, it should be the same level of purity that you purchase from another manufacturer. There are literally hundreds of silver bar manufacturers working in the industry today, but the top brands often fetch a higher premium and a greater re-sale value for investors and collectors. There are several reasons for this. For example, the reputation of the manufacturer as well as the relative scarcity of the bars can result in a premium price. In addition, some make commemorative bars from time to time that add to the value. The Rancher bar that was issued years ago by Johnson Matthey is one example.

The Reputation of Johnson Matthey

With this in mind, you may be wondering what Johnson Matthey brings to the table. Johnson Matthey is one of the few silver manufacturers that boasts a history that spans for more than 200 years. While they have been working in the metal industry for centuries, they only recently started to mint gold and silver bars for the general public to purchase in the 1970s. They are now one of the most reputable and established names in the silver industry. Their focus has historically been on producing larger bars for the serious investor or collector, but they now sell smaller bars, such as the 10 ounce bar and the single ounce bar. More than that, this manufacturer has maintained the ability to sell these bars at a price very close to spot, so you will love the fact that your premium charge is reduced when you buy Johnson Matthey bars.

How to Buy Johnson Matthey Silver Bars for Sale

Now that you are aware of the many benefits associated with buying silver bars from Johnson Matthey, you may be wondering how to make your purchase. The best way is to research dealers online, such as through the U.S. Mint’s website. The Mint maintains a list of reputable dealers that sell legitimate, authentic precious metals to consumers. Many of these dealers may have a limited quantity of Johnson Matthey products available for you to purchase, and you can use a price chart to determine what their price over spot is.

Some investors are planning to purchase silver bars from Johnson Matthey to add to their portfolio as a hedge against rising inflation rates. Others may take advantage of the rising value of silver. And some collectors may simply want to add a Johnson Matthey product to their collection. Regardless of why you are searching for a new silver bar to invest in, buying Johnson Matthey bars is a wise idea. Take time to thoroughly research the options to ensure that you make a quality purchase from a legitimate dealer.

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