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where to find the best USA mint legal tender coin from 1986 and beyond

where to find the best USA mint legal tender coin from 1986 and beyond

The American Gold Eagle is valued by investors and collectors alike for its rarity and beauty. This coin was first released in 1986 by the US Mint and continues to be manufactured today. According to the size and scarcity of each specific piece, Gold Eagle coins come with fair premiums above the spot price of gold. Keep reading to learn more about this stunning coin’s variations, style, history, and current perspective.

Weight and Composition

All United States Gold Eagle coins are legally required to be constructed of at least 91% gold originating within America, in addition to a tiny proportion of copper (just over 5%) and silver (about 3%) to create a more stable coin. Whenever one is contemplating the composition of a Golden Eagle, it’s important to factor in these trace alloys. One example is the 1 ounce American Golden Eagle, which is made up of a single ounce (around 31 grams) of gold and about 2.8 grams of copper and silver, bringing the full weight of the piece to almost 34 grams.


The United States Gold Eagle’s design claims its status as one of the more easy-to-recognize coin patterns in all of numismatics. The coin’s obverse side showcases the triumphant essence of Lady Liberty, who is seen with long billowing hair, an olive tree twig in her left hand, a burning torch clasped in her right, and America’s Capitol building to the left in the backdrop.

The coin’s reverse side was designed by a separate artist and shows a stately eagle clutching an olive tree twig in its claws, soaring above a mother eagle with her baby chicks in a nest. There also some text printed on this side which indicates the coin’s weight and spot price. For instance, the 1 ounce Golden Eagle clearly delineates on its reverse side that it is 1 ounce of fine gold with a currency value of 50 dollars. The designs displayed on both sides of the Golden Eagle are different than those seen on Silver Eagles.


The US Golden Eagle entered the scene in 1986 following the GCBA (Gold Coin Bullion Act) passed in 1985. These coins come in values of 1/10 of an ounce, a quarter of an ounce, half an ounce, and 1 full ounce, and their currency values are, respectively: 5, 10, 25, and $50.

Two types of Golden Eagles are manufactured in the USA: Proof editions and brilliant uncirculated grade. The latter type is easily the more prevalent version of this particular coin, and whenever you come across one that is not labeled as a proof, you can feel safe in assuming that it’s a brilliant uncirculated coin.


The output of Golden Eagles has stayed pretty consistent during the past few years, even though it has dipped down a little since 2009. Standard manufacturing figures for Gold Eagles stand at just over a million coins each year.

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